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Agate gemstone is a substitute stone of diamond. Agate is a birthstone for the person who born in October. Agate belongs to the quartz (silicon dioxide) family of minerals. Agates can be found in very large sizes and in a variety of shapes.

Agate is available in many color like :- Black, Yellow, Red, White. It is a silica crystal. Agate has long been used for warding of curses and as gift for people who have been married for a long time. It helps to unlock a different chakra, green agate works for heart chakra, white and black agate works for root chakra.

Agate has the ability to quench thirst and protect from fevers. Agate is ideal for just about any type of jewelry design imaginable. They can be worn as a pendant, necklace or as an everyday ring. Agate can be cleaned very easily using warm soapy water and a soft brush.

How to wear :

It can be wear in right index finger or alternate wearing as locket. Before wear it mash it with un boiled cow milk and honey after that wash it with Gangajal. And put it into worship palace and chant “om graam greem graum sah guruve namaha” mantra for 108 times.

Benefits :

  1. Agate Gemstone is an stone for beauty, charm, wealth, marriage, love, romance, progeny & career scope as artist.
  2. When venus occupies watery sign agate can be recommend.
  3. Agate gemstone give comforts for talking with opposite sex.
  4. Its best gemstone who wear in diabetes and eyes related disease.
  5. Agate gemstone increase in our age.
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