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Blue Zircon gemstone also known as “Natural Zircon” in Hindi. Its an stone for Capricorns and Aquarius. Blue Zircon is an birthstone for the person that born in September. Blue Zircon gemstone is an effective stone for the Saturn. Blue Zircon gemstone keep us disease free.

Blue Zircon is connected to the planet Saturn, this planet is associated with kingly luck and abundance. Saturn is spiritually and strologically very strong and it opens the Ajna chakra, this chakra is related to the imagination, creativity.

Blue Zircon recommended to politics. If any person survive from paralysis, bones, teeth and asthma related disease they should need to wear Blue Zircon. Wearer shouldn’t need to wear any other gemstone with Blue Zircon specially Ruby and Pearl. Its wear by many celebrities.

People related to business of export and import, transport Cargo, automobiles, production of minerals, spare parts, petroleum, or Similar Businesses related to planet saturn should wear a Blue Zircon gemstone.

How to wear :

It can be wear on Saturday at the time of sunrise in the middle finger of right hand. Before wear it mash it with un boiled cow milk and honey after that wash it with Gangajal. And put it into worship palace and chant “Om sham shanicharay Namah” mantra for 108 times.

Benefits :

  1. Blue Zircon gemstone keep us disease free.
  2. It improves our name, fame, health and wealth.
  3. It improves our intelligence and passions.
  4. It helps to improve in sweetness in our voice, discipline and humility.


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