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Hessonite also known Gomed in india is found in a nice honey color in Sri Lanka and also in Africa. Hessonite belongs to the Rahu planet and Rahu is a ‘shadow planet. It originates from a calcium aluminum silicate. Hessonite gemstone is usually radiss orange or yellow orange.

Hessonite gemstone is an gemstone for the person who are effected from rahu kal. Hessonite gemstone is an birthstone for the person who born in the month of January. Hessonite gemstone is an cool stone who give coolness to person who wear it. If any person have kalsarp dosh aur any other sarp dosh in kundli they need to wear it.

How to wear :

It can be wear on Saturday after 2 hours of sunset in the Little or Middle finger of hand. Before wear it mash it with un boiled cow milk and honey after that wash it with Gangajal. And put it into worship palace and chant “Om Raam Rahve Namah” mantra for 108 times.

Benefits :

  1. Hessonite gemstone improve in our mental clarity and its remove confusions.
  2. It helps to improve from skin problems, cancer, mental problems, multiple personality disorders related diseases.
  3. Hessonite gemstone is an powerful gemstone for the person who related from politics, event management and public relations.


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