Natural Amber 2.86 cts. / 3.13 Ratti


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Amber is the gem of the planet Jupiter.This Uparatna can be worn instead of Pukhraj. The color of amber gemstone is generally similar to the color of honey. Amber of this color is more popular. This Uparatna is a plant material, hence insects and stone particles are also found many times in this Uparatna. Sometimes leaves, tips of pine trees, small plants and fossils of some animals are also found in it. The origin of this gem is derived from the sap-glue of the tree. It is believed that the practice of wearing gems originated from Amber.

Benefits of amber Stone:

Amber stone is very useful for eyes.
It maintains a balance between the activities of the endocrine glands and the digestive system.
It Increases concentration and gives rise to the tendency to learn in a person.


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