Natural Padparadscha sapphire 6.72 cts. / 7.37 Ratti



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There is one certainty that is unequivocally true about Padparadscha sapphires – they are the most difficult type of sapphire to pronounce (pad-pah-raj-ah).The name derives from the Sinhalese word for Lotus blossom. The Sinhalese people are native to, and the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka, where most Padparadscha sapphires are found. Padparadschas are among the rarest gems on the planet. They are strikingly beautiful and almost no other colored gemstone compares to their unique mix of pink and orange. To be named a Padparadscha, the gem should exhibit both colors. At Pmkk Gems Company, we have one of the world’s largest stocks of this exotic stone.

Weight In Caret 6.7200
Weight In Ratti 7.3700
Weight in grm 1.3400
Colour Orange
Benefits No
Quality Excellent
Shape Oval Mixed
Mantra “Om Suryaye Namah”
SIZE 10.99 X 9.96 X 6.76 MM


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