Old Burma Ruby 2.18 cts. / 2.39 Ratti


Gemstone : Ruby (Manik)
Origin : Old Burma
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Ruby gemstone represents the planet Sun and Ruby is the birthstone for Leo sun sign, which signifies life, courage, energy, passion and prosperity. Generally said about ruby that all the impelling energies and the power of the Sun resides in this stone.

In hindi ruby gemstone is known as “Manik”. The sun sign of Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces and Scorpio can also wear a Ruby stone.

Benefits :

Ruby gemstone represents the planet sun and wearer imparts good health and strength. This stone bring spark in human nature and it takes away sadness from the individual’s character. The ruby gemstone improves the communication skills and self confidence of a person who wear this precious gemstone. This stone possesses great healing powers which helps in many serious diseases such as all blood related diseases, brain hemorrhage and mental diseases.

Methods of Wearing :

Ruby gemstone should either be set in gold or bronze. You can wear ruby in Ring, bracelet or in a pendants. Before wearing ruby, it should be washed with fresh milk or Ganga Jal in the Sunday morning and repeat 108 Rudra Mala “Om Suryaye Namah”. For best result please consult with astrologer.

Weight In Caret 2.18
Weight In Ratti 2.39
Weight in grm 0.43
Colour Pinkish Red
Benefits Improvement in Name, Fame, Devoutness ,energy,morality,wealth
Quality Excellent
Shape Emerald Cut
Mantra “ “Om Suryaye Namah””
SIZE 8.13 x 6.22 x 3.98 MM
Certification IGI
Treatment Unheated And Untreated


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