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In hindi coral known as “Moonga”. Red coral contains high magnesium calcim carbonate and these are found under sea water in the depth of 500 feet. Its an stone for Aries and Scorpio zodic sign. Coral Gemstone is best gemstone for effect to mars. Coral protect us from blood related disease. Heart problem related patient need to wear it. Its best for fight with Epilepsy and jaundice disease. This gemstone is recommended for those who have planet Mars positioned in an auspicious house in the native ascendant chart. Specially, Mangal dosh and malefic Mars engenders various serious problems in the life of a human being. The Mars is a massive planet which is contemplated to be the supreme commander among all the planets. How to Wear : It should be wear on Tuesday in early morning. Before wear it mash it with un boiled cow milk and honey after that wash it with Gangajal. And put it into worship palace and chant “Om ang angrakhaye Namah” mantra for 108 times. Red coral should wear in ring finger of right hand.After wear should be need to donate gur or money to brahmin. Benefits : Coral can improve in our name, fame. Its improve our love life and give us extra energy. Coral gemstone improve in financial stability, its give willingness to meet challenges and face critical situation. Coral improve our self-confidence and positivity. Its increase in our attraction and its change our view to watch peoples.


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