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The Irani Turquoise Gemstone stone also known as Irani Firoza in Hindi. Turquoise color is the shining sky blue, is one of the most popular trend colours in the world of jewellery and fashion. The colour of the turquoise makes us feel happy and cheerful.

Turquoise gemstone is a holy stone esteemed for thousands of years. Turquoise is a copper aluminium phosphate with a hardness, considerably softer than quartz. It is mostly found in places where there is a high concentration of copper in the soil.

For thousands of years, this stone has spanned all cultures, and prized as a symbol of wisdom, nobility and the power of immortality. Turquoise is the traditional birthstone for the month of December. Turquoise should be protected from cosmetics, heat and bright light and clean with soft cloth time to time.

It it used by many celebrity like Salman Khan. Its better for Jupiter(GURU). It Improve in our love and friendship life. It is wear on Thursday. It Improves energy and honesty.

How to Wear :

Wear it in index finger of your hand on Thursday in morning during the Shukla paksh (Waxing Moon) Since. Turquoise is a substitute for Yellow Sapphire, the procedure for wearing it is also the same as that of Yellow Sapphire.Cleansing the stone with pure water or milk is important in order to remove the negative effects of the stone and also to attain the best energies of the gemstone.

Benefits :

  1. Good for exhaustion, depression, or panic attacks.
  2. Turquoise is a most efficient healer, providing solace for the spirit and well-being for the body.
  3. Turquoise brings positive energies for male and female.
  4. It Improves energy and honesty.



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