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Yellow Natural Zircon is the secondary stone of Yellow Sapphire. You can wear it for the astrology purpose.

How to wear

Before wearing it must be the wash with fresh cow milk and rinse with Ganga Jal. Put the gemstone in front of your god. Worship gemstone in the way you worship a god. You should chant mantra “om graam greem graum sah guruve namaha” mantra must be chanted 108 times.

Benefits of Yellow Zircon

  • Improves Intellectual Abilities
  • Promotes Financial Growth
  • Heals Physical & Psychological Issues
  • Yellow Sapphire stimulates the intellect, helping to formulate ideas and goals.
Weight In Caret 9.2700
Weight In Ratti 10.1800
Weight in grm 1.8500
Colour Yellow
Benefits Improvement for Business and Marriage
Shape OVEL
Mantra “Aum Brim BrahaspatayeNamahAum”


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